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Photo by Philippe Halsman, Moustache de Dali, 1954

Philippe Halsman 

Moustache de Dali, 1954

Gelatin silver print

Let your imagination picture Dali’s face behind the world’s most famous moustache.

Bring playful fun with joie de vivre into your interior with this iconic work of art.

Philippe Halsman & Salvatore Dali collaborated for 37 years (1941 to 1978) and “Dali’s Moustache” (1954) is the most iconic image of their collaboration: it represents the best of what an artistic relationship can be, when two master artists coming from distinct art media work together. Halsman went on to portray the faces of many avant-garde figures.

This gelatin silver print (33x25 cm), exquisite in quality and state of preservation, holds all the subtleties of silver tones well mastered in the Modern period. This piece is fully signed, titled and dated by the artist on the print verso. It comes from a private collection. A similar print is present in the museum collection of the Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Photography.

This print gives you the opportunity to possess in one piece the sum of two masters' work.

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