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Gjon Mili photo of Pablo Picasso painting with light

Gjon Mili

Pablo Picasso "painting" with light at the Madoura Pottery, Vallauris, France, 1949

Gelatin silver print

“My generation came at a time when photography was advancing by leaps and bounds, creating the impulse to experiment and seek new approaches.”

Gjon Mili (1904-1984) was an Albanian-American photographer. A pioneer in the photographic portrayal of movement, he is best known for his shots for LIFE magazine, where he worked between 1939 until his death in 1984. In his work for LIFE, he photographed events, art, architecture, and celebrities including Pablo Picasso, who took an interest in his technical innovations. Mili was among the first to use electronic flashes and stroboscopic lights, which allowed him to create unique images that fully capture the subtlety of movement. 

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